A One Year Reprieve for Midd-West Football

MIDDLEBURG – Good news for the 40-or-so football players in the Midd-West School District.  The other district in their regional co-op football program, Juniata County, has decided to keep playing for one more year. Midd-West School Board President Victor Abate told WKOK this is good news for the district as they now have time to decide their next move.


Last night, the Juniata County School District decided that they wouldn’t drop Midd-West as a football partner for another year. Abate said he’s happy Juniata decided to honor their agreement through 2018.  Otherwise, he said, Midd-West would have been left “high and dry.”


The two-district co-op exists because Midd-West years ago did not have enough students to field a team.  Abate says that is changing as the Midget football program is growing.  Now he says they’ll have to find a league to play in. They are currently in the Tri-County football league.

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