A note of optimism from Sunbury’s police chief

SUNBURY — “We feel confident that we are on the right track, ” so said Sunbury police chief Tim Miller in a statement issued last week. The new chief, who was hired about  a year ago, has made the Barbara Miller homicide case a high priority.

He and the local police team have sifted through hundreds of pages of file notes, searched and seized evidence of a home in Milton. They also searched and seized evidence at Barbara Miller’s old home, and this week pulled a container from a pond.

In a news release, the chief said multiple forensic experts are helping and the city has access to cutting edge technology, skill and experts.  Last week, the New Cumberland Water Rescue team searched pond along Route 45 in Montandon.

Chief Miller said they were searching for an item in the Barbara Miller case and did locate the unidentified item. He said that container was taken to a secure facility where it will be analyzed to determine its evidentiary value. He said evidence seized from former Barbara Miller home is at forensic laboratory.

Barbara Miller disappeared in Sunbury 28 years ago and the case has gone through multiple phases of investigation, and cold case status. The case is considered a homicide. Chief Miller and Barbara Miller are not related.

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