Walk it! Bike it! launches new driver and pedestrian safety campaign

SUNBURY – With the school year in full swing, Walk it! Bike it! in Lewisburg has a new campaign that’s focusing on how both motorists and pedestrians can learn how to keep pedestrians safer on the roads.

Samantha Pearson is the Executive Director of Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation, and she says Walk it! Bike it! is trying to change everyone’s behaviors. “When we say ‘changing behavior’ we’re literally trying to change it at both ends, both the driver and the pedestrian end. We’re trying to make sure we’re not just addressing one and not the other,” she said.

Pearson gives an example of what this campaign is teaching people. “Its state law, at signalized intersections, pedestrians should follow the signals and at unsignalized crosswalks, cars need to yield to pedestrians. We also make sure that pedestrians know that it doesn’t mean that everyone knows the rules, but we’re hoping that we can make a dent in that awareness,” she said.

Walk it! Bike it! has an upcoming event in Lewisburg on Thursday, October 19 at 7:30 p.m. For more information, go to LewisburgNeighborhoods.org. (Christopher Elio)

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