A good start for Lackawanna College Sunbury in year one

SUNBURY – The Valley’s newest college has hit the ground running in its first year. Phil Campbell, Director of Lackawanna College’s Sunbury campus joined WKOK Sunrise to provide an update on the school’s progress. He says enrollment has doubled and recruiting efforts continue.


That includes encouraging Valley high school students to consider dual enrollment, “Students can take classes after high school, they can come to the Sunbury center to take classes, or they can take classes online. What that does for them is they can earn college credits before even graduating from high school. They can use those credits at our school or they can get them on a transcript and take those credits to a school of their choice.”


As enrollment continues to grow, Campbell says the school will pursue other majors and programs, “Our goal is to get people in the community to give back to the community, not just in donations or time, but also with people who are seeking jobs, and provide programs that is going to help that community.”


You can hear more from Phil Campbell as well as current student Celina Mull at WKOK.com.


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