Purchase a print to benefit SRI/SPARC

SUNBURY – The continued revitalization of Sunbury is dependent on more funding. You can help the cause by purchasing a print by a Pennsylvania native.    SPARC, a branch of Sunbury Revitalization Inc., is selling prints of the painting entitled “Patiently Waiting, Hometown Edition” by Peter Lerro of the Philadelphia area.


The print depicts a 1934 scene in Sunbury as a train travels near Cameron Park. Only 150 prints are available at $249 each.  SPARC Chairman John Shipman explains the organization’s mission,

“The SPARC group, which began in 2000, for which your owner was one of the movers and shakers that got the program started, have done a few little projects…were were the catalyst for the river front project.”


Slade Shreck, SRI Co-Chair, talks about the work of SPARC, “We (erected) the signs coming in and out of the city, and the flower beds. We have to invest in our business and economic development, and just trying to get businesses in the empty store fronts. Everything costs money, so you need money to make all this stuff happen.”


You can hear more from Shipman and Shreck at WKOK.com, they were on a recent edition of WKOK Sunrise.  (Matt Catrillo)



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