PennDOT holds gazebo meeting on Duke Street Project

NORTHUMBERLAND – Why meet during the day when everyone can’t be there?

PennDOT first answered that question Thursday during an informal roundtable meeting in Northumberland’s King Street Park.

Mindy Foresman, a PennDOT construction manager said the daytime meeting was just one of more than a half dozen meetings they’ll have on the Northumberland Duke Street Project.  Other meetings she said have been, and will be conducted at night.

This format she said would be less intimidating for residents, and night time meetings—were conducted earlier—and another will be held in October. She and colleagues and construction company leaders were there to answer questions about the $13 million project in Northumberland.

She said Duke St. will be reopened to traffic by November 1, and there will be some work on the project this winter. PennDOT may work on some drainage work, and curb ramps, and the other gas and water line work can continue, “There will probably be some drainage work on Duke Street, but the utilities will be moving forward ahead of the contractor doing their work also, both underground and aerial, which is moving telephone poles and overhead lines.”

Foresman said the project is behind schedule so only the first two phases will be done this year, and phase three will start next year. The truck ban will remain in effect until the project is done in 2020.

As for the detour, she said they are aware that cars, and trucks, are not sticking to the route, “We are going to add some more signs on Fourth Street, so traffic knows that no through traffic is supposed to turn onto Queen Street. They are supposed to continue onto King Street, to head north.”

She said flyers with PennDOT’s contact information are available at Northumberland Borough Hall if people have more questions.

Listen to our conversation with PennDOT’s Mindy Foresman:

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